Calling a therapist for the first time can raise questions:

‘Will this therapist understand what I’m going through?’
‘Does going to therapy mean something is wrong with me?’
‘What if therapy brings up feelings I can’t handle?

I believe you are more than any ‘problems’ you bring to therapy and that you already possess strengths which make change possible. Strengths can be difficult to access, though, if you are overwhelmed by negative emotions or a crisis.  Much of problem-solving depends on how we frame ‘the problem.’  My goal is to help you see what is happening to you through a new lens which can bring potential solutions into sharper focus.



  • Do you feel blocked creatively?
  • Is it hard for you to ask for what you want?
  • Do you cope with success through self-sabotage?  [CLICK HERE]

Obstacles may be circumstantial, but they may also lie within and be based on core beliefs we developed as children.  If we are not aware of these beliefs—about ourselves, others, and the future—we may also not be aware of how these beliefs translate into self-defeating feelings, thoughts and behavior.


  • Have you suffered the loss of a close friend, intimate partner, or relative?
  • Are you in the midst of separation or divorce?
  • Has a health condition caused you to lose your income, professional identity, or self-esteem?

Loss can take many forms and so can our responses to it.  The pace of recovery is different for everyone, but for healing to occur, every loss must first be understood with compassion and special attention to the meaning we make from suffering.


  • Are you in conflict with siblings, parents, or your child(ren)?
  • Has anger caused you to lose a valuable friendship, partner or job? [CLICK HERE]
  • Do disagreements with your partner turn into arguments? [CLICK HERE]

Conflict is not only the lifeblood of great drama and storytelling, it is also a fact of life. With the proper skills and insight, you can come to perceive disagreements as opportunities to deepen relationships and increase self-understanding.  The ability to initiate repair after a conflict will improve your relationships.

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