What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a lot like ‘regular’ psychotherapy; that is, it is mostly talk.  It could also consist of questionnaires and exercises to complete at home, alone or with your partner(s), as well as education to help you become better informed about your body and healthy sexual functioning.

Philosophy of Sex Therapy

Your sexual expression may be motivated by any number of factors. It can be a way to connect deeply to someone you love; a peak sensual experience; a way of seeking validation; or a means of creative self-expression.

The sex researcher, Jack Morin, identified what he called the “four cornerstones of erotic experience” – Longing/Anticipation; Violating Prohibitions; Searching for Power (sometimes in the relinquishing of it); and Overcoming Ambivalence.  My sex therapy practice encourages you to learn more about what you consider erotic, in fantasy and real life, as a means of maximizing your experience of healthy sex.

But …

What if your experience of sex doesn’t feel healthy?  What if you no longer feel pleasure?  Or a change in your sexual functioning is affecting your relationship(s)? [CLICK HERE]

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